Premium Brands - Gift With Purchase

< Spending over $150 in Korean Premium Cosmetic Brands? >

Most popular LG Cosmetics brands (O HUI, SU:M37 & The History of Whoo) and Sulwhasoo have a special system which there is an 'Authorized Beauty Consultant(s) with their own code' to introduce and consult each brand cosmetics to Korean customers.

They work for the company and distribute new products as well as curate the right products for the customers. So customers pay the full price(no discount), getting free samples whatever they need or try new samples for the first time.

Our company joined this program to offer/share these special benefits for SimplyJi's customers, and here is the conditions and options.
1. Extra Free Samples
When you purchase a single item or special skincare set on orders over $150, you will get extra free sample sachets(30~50pcs), however these samples will be the same brand as the order (LG cosmetics or Sulwhasoo, can be combined).

2. Spend more, Get more samples
The amount of order getting increased, you will receive more samples. For example,
• Over $150: you can choose 1~2 product samples 
• Over $200: you can choose 2~3 product of samples, etc,.
* Please note that Whoo samples are more expensive than other brands so it can be offered less amount, and 'Sulwhasoo' samples are packed in 30pcs so maximum pieces is 30.

3. Free Gift Wrapping Available
If need to gift wrapping for your loved or precious ones, simply leave me a message. Great for wedding gift or anniversary gift.

* Need to know
Popular items are sold out quickly and each month have slightly different set so please check the product details. Some products may order directly to the factory and it takes 1~2 days extra.

Any questions or enquiry feel free to contact.